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Case studies

Thanks to our extensive expertise, we are able to assist our clients with a wide range of legal and taxation matters. The following case studies give an idea of the range of services offered by our company.

Situation Kröber and Partner services
Lea is a doctor at a hospital. In addition to the cost of her daily journey to work she has to fund the cost of specialist training.
  • Preparation of the annual income tax declaration, claiming relief for professional expenses in particular
Lea buys an apartment, and she and her boyfriend Pierre, who is French, move in.
  • Advice on concluding the purchase contract
Pierre is employed by an international pharmaceutical company in Germany and is an expat. He receives other income from the United States and France.
  • Preparation of the tax return in Germany in consultation with the other international consultants
  • Advice on legal issues relating to social insurance and, in particular, pension insurance
Once Lea completes her specialist training, she takes over a medical practice with a colleague and becomes self-employed.
  • Practical advice on the practice takeover and practice contract
  • Takeover of the financial and payroll accounting as well as annual financial statements and tax declarations
Lea and Pierre buy a house together. The apartment that Lea purchased is rented out.
  • Preparation of the tax declaration for the rental property
  • Supporting opposition proceedings with the tax authorities for costs not recognised during the time the apartment was empty
Pierre receives an attractive job offer in Switzerland.
  • Advice on tax affairs
Lea’s parents give her an apartment building.
  • Tax advice and contractual implementation of the gift
Situation Kröber and Partner services
The Dietrich family runs an established craft business and trading company.
  • Ongoing financial and payroll accounting
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and tax declarations
The company is to be transferred to the children.
  • Advice on handling the company succession
  • Changing the legal form of the company
  • Advice on the necessary bank interviews and gift tax and inheritance tax matters
The family also owns real estate, including a holiday home in France.
  • Advising the family and enlisting the expertise of foreign lawyers and notaries for the transfer of the holiday home to the daughter
When the mother dies, another house in Spain is left to the son.
  • Preparation of the inheritance tax declaration
The involvement of the new generation requires amendments to the company’s articles of association.
  • Drawing up and concluding the adapted articles of association
Situation Kröber and Partner services
Jan is a mechanical engineer and Ben is a businessman. Together, they found a GmbH & Co. KG to develop and market control software. The start-up capital is arranged with support from a regional development bank and a private investor.
  • Advice on establishing and financing the company
  • Setting up financial and payroll accounting and cost control
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and the necessary turnover tax returns and trade and income tax declarations
The company expands and subsidiaries are established abroad (outbound).
  • Supporting the establishment of the foreign subsidiaries together with foreign colleagues
The public development bank and the investor withdraw from the company and a new partner is brought in who is already involved in the management of the company (management buyout, MBO). The company converts its legal form to a joint stock company.
  • Implementation of the restructuring with respect to corporate and tax law
A Chinese company makes the shareholders an offer to acquire the majority stake (inbound). The three shareholders decide to conduct contractual negotiations.
  • Development of a strategy and clarification of the tax and legal structure
The extensive negotiations conclude with the sale of all shares in the company to the Chinese company.
  • Conducting negotiations (including in English) together with shareholders
  • Drafting purchase contracts
One of the partners undertakes to remain at the company after the sale. Among other arrangements, an employee profit-sharing scheme is agreed at the Chinese company.
  • Advising the former partner who remains at the company
The other partners have their assets managed by a family office.
  • Support with legal and tax issues
Ben decides to set up a foundation. After extensive discussions, a non-profit foundation is established.
  • Drafting foundation agreement and support with the establishment of the foundation
  • Support with ongoing taxation and legal matters relating to the foundation
Jan relocates to Spain.
  • Legal and tax planning for the change of residence
  • Cross-border structuring of the will and large bequests
The company established by Jan and Ben continues to be operated successfully.
  • Supporting the company and its new shareholders with issues relating to corporate law, commercial tenancy law and financing agreements, as well as national and international General Terms and Conditions
  • Support with the company annual financial statements
  • Preparation of the consolidated financial statements in accordance with national and international regulations
  • Establishing a tax compliance system

Our areas of expertise
Tax Advisory Services

Representation of clients´ interests to financial management.

International Tax Law

Reliable advice in matters of international law.

Corporate Law

Corporate legal advice with counsel on taxation.

Commercial Law and Contract Law

Solid foundations for economic success.

Financial Statements

Clarity, reliability and the timley preparation of your accounts is important to us.

Financial and Payroll Accounting

We allow clients to determine the scope and function of our activities.

Tax Returns

Tax returns are always created reliably and proficiently.

Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) and Disposition of Companies, Restructuring

Through years of experience, we efficiently assist clients with mergers and acquisitions, as well as, restructuring operations.

Trusts & Successions Planning

Forward planning to prevent disputes and minimise the tax burden.

Foundations and Associations

Support for the creation and the daily business of foundations and associations.

Financial Consulting

We offer advice backed up by business expertise and experience repeated and years of hands-on experience.


We consult in German and international tax law.