Clarity, reliability and the timely preparation of your accounts are important to us.

We focus on the clear, reliable, timely preparation of financial statements.

Financial Statements are a source of information for owners, managers, shareholders, and third parties, such as banks. Therefore, financial statements are like a company’s business card. Working in close cooperation with our clients, we prepare personal and corporate financial statements with a clear presentation of information and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

We provide:
  • Annual financial statements under German commercial and tax law
  • Balance sheet reporting
  • Special purpose and supplementary balance sheets under German tax law
  • Net income accounting
  • Annual financial statements according to IFRS, UK-GAAP, and US-GAAP
  • Family office annual financial statements (personal financial statements, personal liquidity planning)
  • Consolidated financial statements
  • Special-purpose balance sheets under German commercial law, e.g. liquidation balance sheets, opening balance sheets