Corporate legal advice with counsel on taxation.

We complement corporate consulting advice with advice on taxation.

Our clients include companies of all legal entities. We provide support to companies and their shareholders, covering the entire process from the establishment of a company and onwards. We keep all business and legal issues in mind during this process and are always available to address questions or concerns.

Our services include advice and counsel related to:
  • Articles of association and partnership deeds
  • Company meetings
  • Expert advice and representation in disputes between companies and associates
  • Investment structures
  • Fiscal optimization
  • Financial investors / private equity
  • Mergers, demergers, and changes of legal form with respect to tax and corporate law
  • Company split-ups
  • Establishment and optimization of company structures
  • International corporate law (e.g. limited companies, trusts)
  • Legal entity selection, corporate group structuring, holding companies, and planning of international business locations
  • Drafting of fiscal unity and company agreements
  • Establishment and transformation of partnerships and limited companies
  • Contracts for joint ventures and other forms of cooperation
  • Valuation of enterprises
  • Management participation programs
  • Management buy-outs (MBO)
  • Management buy-ins (MBI)