Forward planning to prevent disputes and minimize the tax burden

We engage in with clients in the forward planning of their assets and businesses to prevent disputes and minimize tax burdens.

Timely planning facilitates the successful and congenial transfer of assets. Well-thought-out arrangements can help to avoid disputes among successors and ensure that the wishes of the deceased or predecessor are observed. This also applies to cross-border estates. In addition, planning in advance can positively influence the capital transfer or inheritance tax burden.

We provide the following services:
  • Drafting and implementation of company and estate succession plans
  • Drafting and implementation of succession plans for private assets
  • Drawing up of wills, inheritance agreements, and marriage contracts as well as arrangements for anticipated inheritance and gifts
  • Execution of wills
  • Advice on inheritance disputes
  • International succession planning
  • Creation and supervision of trusts
  • Establishment of trusts in company succession planning
  • Capital transfer and inheritance tax declarations
  • Trusts (domestic and international)
  • Family holdings consultation
  • International inheritance law consultation
  • Consultation on inheritance matters in Spain, the UK, Austria, and France